Ambiance Matchmaking is a nationally recognized yet personal matchmaking agency with over 15 years of professional experience. We work with singles on local, national, and international matchmaking levels. We cater to a very diverse group of Austin singles varying in age, career paths and life passions, yet all seeking someone with whom to share their life. Our diversity is due to our company's numerous sources for finding high-quality singles, including a private matchmaking network, attending social events, Ambiance recruiters, and employing our own digital search expert. All are accomplished and highly educated, with 99% having college degrees and 70% having advanced degrees. We are extremely proud of our members!

Ambiance Matchmaking is continually recognized as one of the top matchmaking agencies in the industry, earning editorials in major publications such as Slice Magazine and the Chicago Tribune, and appearances on many news channels, including ABC and KFOR.


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