About Our L.A. Matchmaking Services

Ambiance Matchmaking is a boutique matchmaking agency with over 15 years of professional experience. We cater to a very diverse group of Los Angeles singles varying in age, career paths and life passions, yet all seeking someone with whom to share their life. Our diversity is due to our company's numerous sources for finding high-quality singles, including a private matchmaking network, attending social events, Ambiance recruiters, and employing our own digital search expert. All are accomplished and highly educated, with 99% having college degrees and 70% having advanced degrees. We are extremely proud of our members!


About Our Founder

Leslie Wardman is one of the most experienced matchmakers in the industry with over 15 years of professional experience. After a 20 year career in ESPN production and advertising, Leslie decided to put her passion and natural talent for networking into what she calls the most important part of life – finding your significant other. Wardman was then hired to run an international matchmaking company for busy, single professionals. Yet, she envisioned a more personal, hands-on matchmaking experience. Thus, in 2002, Ambiance Matchmaking was born. Over the past 15 years, Leslie has worked with thousands of clients across the country. She is proud to have worked with such amazing singles in accomplishing their relationship and marriage goals.


About Our Memberships

Memberships are 100% confidential and customizable, allowing you to craft a membership that fits your lifestyle and needs. Leslie works directly with you throughout the entire interview and matching process. Each accepted member has gone through an in-depth pre-screening process to ensure authenticity.

Even just the process to becoming a member can be an enlightening experience. When singles go through our unique pre-screening questionnaire and interview, they may get a new found sense of who they are and what they are looking for in a significant other.
— Leslie, Founder & Matchmaker


About Our Process

1. Application
Fill out our online application. It is then carefully reviewed by Leslie.

2. Interview
Within 24 hours of receiving your application, you will be contacted to schedule a complimentary 60 minute interview with Leslie to gain an understanding of who you are and to answer your questions.

3. Matching
Leslie conducts a customized, in-depth search to find your match based on the perimeters set in your interview. 

4. Introductions
Begin meeting your matches! We make reservations for each match at one of our partner restaurants to ensure a great first date experience. 

5. Evaluation
Evaluate each match with Leslie. People may get a new found sense of who they are and what they are looking for in a significant other during this part of the process.

6. "On-Hold" Option
Once you meet a match with whom you would like to get to know, you can put your membership on-hold, without losing any time.


Get Started

We invite you to get started in two easy steps:
1. Fill out our online application 2. Schedule a no-obligation interview with Leslie