We connect like-minded singles worldwide.


Leslie works with a small team to offer a very selective and personalized matchmaking service. Our service is solely dedicated to helping people make the biggest decision of their lives – finding a life partner. To ensure we have the time and resources available to do this, we only accept a limited number of members per year. In 2018, we had a 27% acceptance rate.

Leslie Wardman, Founder and Matchmaker

Leslie Wardman, Founder and Matchmaker

Who are our members?

We cater to CEOs, executives, founders, entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, and industry leaders varying in age, ethnicity, career paths and life passions, yet all seeking someone with whom to share their life. Our members are accomplished and highly educated, with 99% having college degrees and 70% having advanced degrees. We are very proud of our members!

Some people think that using a matchmaker shrinks the dating pool, but really the opposite is true.

We have been matchmaking for over two decades, and in that time, we built extensive networks for connecting with quality singles in all parts of the world. It really opens a wide range of canals for finding that special person.

Leslie Wardman with Creative Director Taylor Wade in our Mexico City office.

Leslie Wardman with Creative Director Taylor Wade in our Mexico City office.

How exactly do we search for our members?

Private Matchmaking Network

Ambiance has selected 79 members to join our private matchmaking network that we built over the last 17 years. These industry specialists have been selected via a private invitation for maximizing searches.

Events and Galas

Leslie attends private events and galas to network and search for singles. The event depends on our client’s search parameters. 


Ambiance hires recruiters to scout high-quality singles. These recruiters are spokespeople for our company, and when they meet singles that would be a good fit for a client, an interview is scheduled for Leslie to meet them.

Digital Searches

Ambiance has its very own digital search expert who employs current technologies for searching high quality singles via the world wide web.


Leslie and other Ambiance employees hold casting calls in the client’s preferred locations. All applicants must go through a screening and interview process.

Where do we work?

We work with highly accomplished singles on local, national, and international levels, with a primary focus on specific regions, including the United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Within these regions, our matchmakers put more time and energy into building networks of high-quality singles.

As one of the most established companies in the industry, Ambiance Matchmaking also assists singles in choosing a matchmaking service. Learn how to choose your matchmaker, or contact us directly. We are always here to help.


Take your time and enjoy good vibes from Ambiance