Why "Mamas Boys" Make Perfect Husbands

By Leslie Wardman
Matchmaker for
Ambiance Matchmaking

In recent research, guys who are close to their moms are super husband material.  

A study from Arizona State University found that mama’s boys have better communication skills and higher levels of empathy. As a result, men who are close to their moms are much more likely to be in healthy, monogamous relationships than men who lack that connection.


These guys have been taking cues from their mothers for years. By observing how she relates to people and getting feedback from her while he was growing up, mama’s boys are more likely to resist masculine stereotypes such as being aggressive and detached in relationships.  


Mama’s boys express their feelings more, are more tuned into our needs, and are closer listeners when women talk.   


Knowing there’s another woman he’s so connected to can get on any girlfriend or wife’s nerves. The female can deal with it by not viewing that bond as a threat or thinking that your guy has a limited amount of attention and love, and he’s giving too much of it to her. Thinking this way will only cause problems in your relationship.


Women still need to set boundaries.


If he chats his mother up on the phone while you are intimate or drops plans with you to see her, you have to step up and say anything. Tell your guy how much you love that he is so attached to his mom, but that the two of you need to be a team and put your relationship first. Then, follow it up with a suggestion, like that he call his mom during his lunch break at work or telling her she can’t come over when you’re spending alone time together.


When it gets too much, encourage his more masculine behavior.


And while most of us are thrilled by a guy who will talk about his emotions, it can be a little too much if the mama’s boy in him is always on display. Encourage his more masculine behavior. This sends the message that, while you love his sensitivity, you’re equally turned on by his manly side.


Avoid the term “mama’s boy".


No matter how in touch they are with their feelings, men still want to be men, a lot of guys know that they’re a mama’s boy…and it’s already embarrassing enough for them.