Are Your Single Friends Hurting Your Relationship?

By Leslie Wardman

Single friends are a lot of fun! Is it the drama and excitement they bring opposed to the day in and day out of a relationship? You know what they say, “No drama – No TV!” When you find yourself in a relationship, it seems your entire world can change and can be a bit confusing. It is like your caught between a rock and a hard spot. Your single friends get on your case if you’re spending all your time with your significant other, and your significant other could easily have a raised eyebrow with you running with the singles pack. 


Single friends tend not to relate to what a person might be going through in their relationship. Yes, I am sure your single friend has been in a relationship before, but they aren’t in one now and it tends to make their judgment a bit clouded. Are you friends projecting the problems that they had in their relationship onto your relationship? Often times your friends will make the problems you are having in your relationship about the problems they had in theirs. Because of this, single friends will occasionally exacerbate an already tough situation. 


I am not saying that people who are in a relationship should only have friends that are in a relationship. That would be a very hard and lonely thing to do. What I am saying is that you have to know how to filter some of the things your single friends say. You have to learn how to extract the positive things they are trying to say without buying into any propaganda that might be clouded.

Single friends are great to have, but they are used to having you to themselves. Your friends might be acting out of jealousy or the need to have their friend all to themselves again, whether consciously or subconsciously. Some of you will say that I am being hard on the single people of the world. I honestly don’t mean to, but I can’t tell you how many times I have heard single friends give coupled friends bad advice about their relationships. 


If you don’t take anything away from this article remember to at least get advice from a variety of friends. Always have a mixture of single and coupled friends to advise you on your problems. Make sure these friends are close and trustworthy. This way you will get a well-rounded view of the issue and hopefully clarity in how to proceed.