How To Choose Your Matchmaker



Experiencing the matchmaking process with a professional matchmaker by your side is both exciting and enlightening. Yet, with the amount of matchmakers recently flooding the industry, it can be difficult to separate the rookies from the experts. How do you choose a quality matchmaker that will help you define and achieve your goals in finding a romantic partner? These tips will help you select a genuine, passionate, and experienced matchmaker to ensure a successful experience.



1. Matchmaker does the interviewing and matching

Choose a matchmaker that is involved in the interview and matching process. Your matchmaker should meet you (whether in person or via Skype/Facetime) to gain an understanding of who you are and the type of person you are seeking.


2. Small to medium-sized company

Choose a small to medium-sized company over a large company. Many times when a matchmaking company turns into a national chain or franchise, it becomes more about sales quotas and profits than finding your life partner. Smaller companies normally stay true to the company's core values, have a better understanding of their client-base, and have a matchmaker that has been with the company since its founding. 


3. Smaller number of employees 

Choose a matchmaker that has a smaller number of employees to ensure your membership fee goes directly into marketing and searches for your matches rather than employee salaries.


4. Years in business

Choose a matchmaker that has been in business for at least five to ten years. This is due to the fact that the matchmaking industry has exploded very recently, producing a large (and unqualified) amount of "matchmakers" who jumped in on the hype in order to try and make a quick buck. However, it turns out that years in business is one factor that proves credibility, long-term success, and a quality client-base.


5. Reviews and testimonials

Choosing a matchmaker with a positive track record can be tricky. Any small business owner knows that all it takes is one disgruntled client on a Yelp rampage to tarnish the reputation they've spent years creating. This can be especially true for matchmakers who may get a negative review for simply not accepting someone as a client due to company policies and procedures! Furthermore, matchmakers may work with high-profile clientele who prefer discreetness, therefore, not wanting to announce on the world wide web their successful matchmaking experience. The end result is a one-star review from one bad apple, while many satisfied clients stay mum. 


6. Balanced age/gender client database

Choose a matchmaker that has a balanced client database. Ask your potential matchmaker the ratio of men to women and which age groups comprise the majority of the client-base. Ideally, male-to-female ratio should stay close to 50/50 and your preferred age range should comprise of at least 25% of the client-base. There is one exception: some matchmakers only accept a handful of affluent men at one time (charging anywhere from 25K - 150K per client) and an abundance of women (normally free membership but no guarantee of dates). 


7. Matchmaker background and experience

Choose a matchmaker with an extensive background in matchmaking. Always choose background and experience over "training." The Matchmaking Institute is currently the only recognized institute for issuing matchmaking certificates, however, it is not necessary and many great matchmakers do not go through this training course. This is because many matchmakers have been in business for more years than this training program has been established (in 2003).


8. "On-Hold” Feature

Always, always choose a matchmaker that allows members to put their membership "on hold." This means that when you meet someone you'd like to date exclusively, you can freeze your membership while exploring a relationship with that person. For example, Ambiance Matchmaking allows its members to freeze their account for as many times as possible during the duration of their membership. 


9. Upfront Policies and Pricing

Choose a matchmaker that will discuss pricing and company policies over the phone. Matchmakers who insist that you meet in-person before discussing pricing are usually heavy on the sales pitch. Membership pricing can vary greatly, ranging from $3,500 to $15,000, depending on the business model and years in business.


10. Matchmaker Personality and Ethos

After all is said and done, you need to make sure that you like your matchmaker. This is because you will be working directly with your matchmaker on a constant basis (if you are not working directly with your matchmaker, refer to tip #1.) Therefore, choose someone who knows how to listen to your wants and needs and expresses a true passion and understanding of this very important area of your life.


11. Matchmaker Knows Your City

Make sure your matchmaker has a presence in your city. Matchmaker should be established in the specific location for at least three years to become familiar with the culture and grow a network. Many matchmakers claim multiple offices across the country on their website, but may only have one or two established locations. Always inquire how many years they have been there and an estimate of clients in that city's database.


Ambiance Matchmaking is always here to help you find a respected matchmaking service in your city. Please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you. 


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