Guide For New Relationships


Holidays and birthdays can be a confusing time for those just starting a new relationship. You're not serious enough to plan an extravagant weekend getaway, but you can see a future with this person. How can you show them you care without being over-the-top? What kind of date should you plan? Should you get a gift? If so, what kind of gift? Our dating experts at Ambiance Matchmaking have you covered with this guide. We give you date and gift ideas that are perfect for new relationships: low-pressure but still thoughtful. 


1.Cook Dinner

Anyone can make a reservation at a fancy restaurant, but cooking dinner takes skill and preparation. We recommend either cooking everything yourself and having it ready when your date arrives, or, if cooking is something you and your date both enjoy, plan a night of cooking together. Nothing brings people together like cooking and sharing a meal. Decide what to cook and buy the ingredients before your date arrives. And, don't forget the wine! 

2. Brewery Tour

Pick a local brewery to tour. You get to learn about how your favorite local brews are made, and taste each one along the way. Many breweries offer food, so you can enjoy a dinner together while talking about which brews were your favorite.

3. Food Crawl

Instead of a pub crawl, plan a food crawl where you try food from different restaurants! Here's how to do it: pick a neighborhood that is full of great restaurants, choose five or six that you want to try, and split an appetizer at each one. End with a nightcap at a pub in the area.

4. Blind Wine Tasting

The perfect date for wine lovers! Such a great way to enjoy a variety of tastes, compare wines, educate your palette, and have fun with your date. Choose a theme for your wines, setup the blind tastings, have your date try to identify each wine, then switch turns! You can even add an extra element of disguise by blindfolding your date with a scarf. To learn how to plan this date, go to our article, How To Host A Blind Wine Tasting.

5. Cards Against Humanity

This is a great game to do post-dinner or after your blind wine tasting. It's a fun way to get to know things about your date that you wouldn't normally think to ask. And, most of the questions can be ridiculous so you can have a good laugh. 


Try to personalize your gift idea as much as possible. Personalization goes a lot further than the price tag. For example, if you know a book she's been wanting to read, buy it for her. Or if you know a dessert he loves, bake it for him. If you're unsure of your date's likes and dislikes, don't fret, it's the thought that counts:) 


Cuff Links

You can personalize this gift by purchasing cuff links with a design that reminds you of him. For example, if he likes sailing, buy him cuff links with a sailing knot on them.

Homemade dessert

What guy wouldn't love a homemade baked pie or homemade cookies?

Music, Book, or Art

If he owns a record player, buy him a record. If he likes to read, buy a him a book from your local book shop. If he likes art, buy a small piece from a local gallery (but don't spend too much).

Whisky Or Scotch

I recently had to purchase a nice bottle of liquor for a good friend of mine who likes whisky and scotch. Therefore, I asked all of my guy friends which brands were their favorite. 

Here is the list I compiled:

Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Bookers, Woodford Reserve, Makers, Glenlevit 12, Macallan 18, Johnny Walker Black, Gold Label, FEW (Chicago distillery), Laphroig.

Beer Club Membership

I bought a three month membership from Beer Of The Month Club for a good friend of mine. They are great and easy to use. You can also just purchase one month. 

Bottle Of Cologne

If you know what kind of cologne he likes, this is always a nice gift.

Cuban Cigar

A nice cuban cigar is great, if he's into that sort of thing.

A Flask

A nice flask is a great gift for liquor drinkers. If you can find a flask that reminds you of him, even better! Remember, personalization is always key:)


Recipe Book

If she loves to cook, get her a recipe book. If you know she's into a certain type of cuisine, or wants to travel to a certain region, get a related book. 

Bottle Of Wine

If she's into wine, buy her a really nice bottle of her favorite varietal. Or, you can purchase a one-month subscription to a wine of the month club online.

Wine Glasses

A set of wine glasses is a nice gift, especially when accompanied by her favorite bottle of wine (hint, hint).

Cupcakes From Local Baker

If she likes sweets, buy a box of four cupcakes from a local baker. It's nice knowing they came from a local baker and not a generic grocery store. Get a variety of flavors!

Flower Bouquet

Don't underestimate the romantic power of a big bouquet of red roses.

Music, Book, Or Art

If she owns a record player, buy her a record. If she likes to read, buy her a book from your local book shop. If she likes art, buy a small piece from a local gallery (but don't spend too much).

Scented Cream

The Body Shop and L'Occitane en Provence both sell excellent body and hand creams in gift sets.


I would suggest only buying perfume if you know which kind she likes. Perfume can be a very personal choice for a girl:)


A gift set of natural oils is a nice gift. If you already know which scents she likes, craft your own gift set of two or three bottles.

Our Pinterest pages are jammed packed with even more gift and style ideas!