Skip The Valentine's Day Routine

By Taylor Wade
Writer for Ambiance Matchmaking


To me, Valentine's Day is a concocted holiday that forces couples to come together and share their appreciation for one another. I use to put so much expectation into this one day, where I hoped to walk into a room full of flowers, chocolates, and heart-shaped balloons. I have come to see, however, that the affection for your partner should be shown year-round, in the small daily moments that comprise our lives.

Instead of thinking of Valentine's Day as a once-per-year opportunity, use it as a catapult to grow in your relationship every day of the year. Here are some ideas to point you in the right direction.


1. Take a moment

Take a moment on Valentine's Day to each say one thing that you really appreciate about your relationship, and one thing that you'd like to work on this year. Relationships are work, but they are a lot easier when you both are on the same page, and communication is the way to get there.

2. Create a ritual

Create a daily ritual that will bring you two together. It doesn't have to be anything extensive. Maybe it's a glass of wine in the evening, a cup of tea, or cooking dinner together. Whatever it is, make sure it's an activity with a beginning and an end to signify this is your time to connect.

3. Make a bet

This is a fun one. Think of an area in your life you'd like to improve. Maybe you both want to exercise daily, or want to stop drinking alcohol. My boyfriend and I just made a bet that we wouldn't drink for one month. If one of us breaks the bet, that person has to put $10 in a jar. At the end of the month, we'll use that money to do something fun together.

4. Set a date night

Set a date night once or twice a month. This is an opportunity to get dressed up and go out together. Once we settle into our relationships, it's easy to hang out in sweatpants on the couch every night, but it's important to continue wanting to impress your partner. This means making an effort to look good and plan a special activity. 


Whether your dating, or in a serious relationship, these habits can help improve and maintain your connection. Yes, relationships are work, but no one said the work has to be boring:) If you ever have any questions, contact us. We're always here to help!