Intro to Conscious Coupling Series with Ambiance Matchmaking

By Taylor Wade
Writer for Ambiance Matchmaking

A Spiritual Awakening

We have noticed a huge spiritual awakening in the Ambiance Matchmaking community. Singles come to us seeking a life partner that has spiritual depth; someone who has a sense of connection to something bigger than themself; a connection to the universe, elements, energy, and how it can be used to build self-awareness and a meaningful lifelong relationship.

It really is a beautiful moment in time.


Even as many are coming into this spiritual awakening, finding a conscious relationship is still a challenge. There are more singles crowding bars and dating apps than ever before, but it’s still difficult to find someone with the kind of spiritual depth you crave.You might not know how to attract a spiritual partner into your life. It can be exhausting. You may even feel like giving up on your search all together.

Or maybe you’re seeking a partner that is at least open to your spirituality. He or she doesn’t have to participate in your daily spiritual routine; you just want someone that accepts and admires your practice. You’re tired of partners chuckling every time you want to meditate.

So, what do you do?

A thriving relationship can be achieved through a delicate balance among the mind, body, and spirit.

The key to attracting your ideal partnership begins first with achieving self balance.

Reaching this state of balance and consciousness is no easy task, though, just by reading this article you are already on your journey…

A Holistic Approach To Matchmaking

My name is Taylor and I’m a Cofounder and Creative Director here at Ambiance Matchmaking.

Since its founding, Ambiance Matchmaking has taken a holistic approach to matchmaking.

Our team encourages singles to develop their mental, physical, and spiritual beings in order to attract the right partner and flourish in their relationship.

Discovering and nurturing your true essence is the key to attracting your ideal partner.

Your true essence is your basic, real, and invariable nature. It’s who you were as a child. When you’re born, you’re not just a physical body, you’re an energetic being. Take a moment and look back at your childhood photos. What did you look like? What did you like to do? How would you describe yourself?

You were born with a unique mind, body, and spirit.

Who you are right now may be very different. You may have followed a path that led you to become a different person than who you were as a child. Maybe you experienced a bad relationship, or you simply didn’t like yourself as a child. You changed and evolved into who you are today.

Achieving mind-body balance involves bringing you back to your true nature, your true essence, who you are at your core.

When you return to your natural state of being, you achieve balance and attract your ideal partner.

About This Series

This series is dedicated to helping you return to your natural state of being so you can find your ideal partner and enter into a balanced conscious relationship.

You first have to heal your physical body.

We do this by discovering your mind-body type and how you are connected to the five great elements; space, air, fire, water and earth. We teach you how to remain balanced in these elements and in harmony with nature. Everything impacts your physical body; thoughts, emotions, food, and lifestyle. We bring you back to balance by creating the right lifestyle and diet for your mind-body type.

Once you restore balance to your physical body, your energetic body will flourish.

You will naturally begin to feel better in your mind; thoughts, feelings, and emotions will improve. Your passion, zest, drive, and motivation for life will return. This leads to improved energy, which radiates from within and can be felt by others, allowing for the law of attraction to take place. Your good energy will attract good energy. In other words, you are on your path to attracting your ideal partnership. It sounds simple, but this requires a great amount of work and self-discipline.

We then delve deeper into spirituality and consciousness.

Only with knowledge and awareness of your imbalances, can you correct your elemental makeup. You must be able to look at yourself without judgment, both your light and your darkness, to see who you truly are. Only then can you overcome your imbalances to step into your higher self, and ultimately your higher relationship.

Once you reach balance, aka your highest self, two things happen. First, you understand who you are and the type of partner you need to compliment your true self. Second, you feel whole and can fully give yourself in your new and balanced relationship.

At this point, we discuss how to enter into a harmonious relationship and maintain equilibrium between both partners.

Our Teaching Methods

We implement Ayurveda into our teaching methods, pulling wisdom from Ayurveda thought leaders Dr Vasant Lad, Deepak Chopra, and many more. Ayurveda originates from the Sanskrit words ayur, meaning “life,” and veda, meaning “knowledge.” To achieve balance, you must have complete knowledge of your life. Ayurveda is based on physics, not a personal program invented by someone; its principles are based on mother nature.

“Ayurveda recognizes that human beings are more than physical bodies, rather multidimensional beings with layers of emotions and intuition. Although you may not be “spiritual” per se, the foods you eat and the way you lead your life affect you on a spiritual level every day. Ayurveda helps you recognize that interconnectivity.” – Sahara Rose

Ayurveda was first discovered 5,000 years ago in India’s Indus Valley. It was passed down orally through generations until transcribed in the Indian Vedas or “the books of wisdom” by spiritually enlightened prophets. The ancient Vedas hold a magnitude of wisdom from self-healing to reaching higher consciousness.

Reach Your Highest Self + Reach Your Highest Relationship!

In this series we discuss how to achieve balance, attract a conscious partner, and maintain a harmonious relationship. We divide our series into four sections:

Part I: Physical Body

  • Finding “flow” in your dating life

  • Understanding your “Prakruti,” aka your mind-body type

  • Understanding your “Vrakruti” aka the nature of your current imbalance

  • Balancing your imbalances through diet and lifestyle

Part II: Energetic Body

  • “The quantum mechanical human body”

  • Healing your energy to attract your ideal partner

  • Releasing bad energy from past relationships

  • Feminine vs masculine energy

Part III: Spiritual Body

  • Understanding the effects of your diet and lifestyle on your spirit

  • Beyond the physical body

  • Connecting with your highest self – your soul

  • Achieve bliss through balance of the mind, body, and soul

Part IV: Conscious Coupling

  • Attract a conscious relationship

  • Keep your balance as a couple

  • Maintaining harmony as a couple

Reach your highest self so you can reach your highest relationship!