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How To Date With Confidence

Self-confidence is a squirrelly bedfellow. We all want it, we’re desperate for it. In America, we tend to worship self-confidence. In fact, I’ll go one step further - most of us in the Western world believe that high self-confidence is an actual birthright. Dare to admit your low self-confidence issues and watch as people have a shaming field day with you, no doubt plummeting your self-confidence even further.  

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"Hell Yes Or No"

The dating world is a continually unfolding set of possibilities and opportunities. You have the ability to meet new singles on a never-ending basis. However, when you meet someone worth pursuing, will you do just that? Will you make a choice to pursue this one person and exit the dating pool?

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Dating Without A Mask

Dating in our teens and 20s was challenging. Dating in our middle adult years, with significant ex’s, children, pets, mortgages, careers, and a boatload of emotional, physical and perhaps even financial baggage may seem impossible. I’ve single parented my son since he was very young, and didn’t have much time to date amidst parenting, working, continuing my education, doing dishes, mowing the lawn, and attending a sundry of various kid-related activities. So when my son left for college, I decided that there was no better time to start dating again.

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Dating Habits Of 5 Generations

I have a friend who is a single male in his 40s. He has never been married and he has no children. In one of our more recent conversations we talked about our own dating experiences and those of our friends. What I concluded at the end of that conversation was this: no matter your age, dating can confound us all. Comparing my own experiences to his, though, I found that as a 27 year old, single female my outlook on dating and love seriously differed from his.

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10 Reasons You're Still Single

Are you sick of the question, “Why are you single?” You, too, may be wondering why you haven’t found someone yet. You have a fulfilling career and amazing friends, but can’t seem to find that special partner to share your life with. 

As a dating coach and relationship therapist, I work with singles who want me to help them figure out what’s wrong with them or what they’re doing wrong. After several years, I’ve noticed consistent themes with my clients. If you do any of the following, it may be keeping you single.

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