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5 Ways To A Thriving Relationship

Maintaining a healthy relationship is challenging. It takes time, effort and in the midst of a chaotic, busy life it can be easy to lose sight of healthy habits, such as open communication, respecting one another, maintaining trust, spending quality time together, and listening. I have gained vital insight from looking back at my own relationships and those of my friends and family. These reflections have allowed myself to grasp key elements of how to build and maintain a healthy (and thriving!) relationship. Here I outline five methods you can implement into your relationship now. 

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How To Handle Doubt In A Relationship

What if doubt is present in your relationship, however, there hasn’t been adequate time to determine whether to leave or stay? Doubt can be a horrible feeling, especially for individuals who are ready to settle down with a partner. However, doubt can be a helpful emotion in surprising ways.

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