Chad Johnson


Chad V. Johnson is an associate professor of human relations and a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Oklahoma.  He earned his PhD in counseling psychology from Pennsylvania State University.  He is passionate about understanding love, relationships, and living well. His scholarly interests include social justice (e.g. LGBTQ issues, racial justice), spirituality, group psychotherapy, and humanistic/existential/transpersonal psychology.  He is the lead author of The Praeger Handbook for Social Justice and Psychology and has published numerous articles and book chapters in his field. 


Dr. Johnson is a licensed psychologist and works with a wide-range of concerns such as dating/relationship issues, depression/anxiety, existential/spiritual crises, and sexual orientation/gender identity issues. His integrative theoretical orientation includes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, existential, archetypal, Jungian, mindfulness, and relational approaches to psychotherapy.

Essentially, his approach to psychotherapy/coaching consists of helping clients meet their personal goals through imaginatively exploring their lives and concerns more deeply in the context of a supportive and collaborative relationship. Through this strengths-focused process, discovering deeper underlying patterns, themes, myths, and ideas that increase their psychological flexibility, self-understanding, and awareness; hopefully, leading to expanded meaning, aliveness, and engagement with oneself and one’s community. 


When not working to assist clients in reaching their goals or promoting social justice and training future mental health counselors, he enjoys time with his two children, Jade and Gabriel, who recently moved to Brooklyn, NY. He also enjoys escaping on his Triumph Bonneville motorcycle and riding around the countryside with destinations unknown. Finally, he is a collector of hobbies and recently took up fly fishing and single malt scotch. He has two companions at home, his dog, Aspen, a Siberian Husky, and his cat, Mysty, evil incarnate.