Chapter 4: Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Matchmaker

To ensure you choose the right matchmaker for your needs, it’s important to ask the right questions. Below we outline the most important.

Who will I be working with?

Make sure that you will be working directly with your matchmaker, or with someone that works alongside your matchmaker. Many times, a matchmaker will have an assistant or coordinator that will be your point of contact. That is okay as long as you know your matchmaker is the one making the matches, and that you can speak with your matchmaker when needed.

How long have you been in business?

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to choose a matchmaker that has been in business for at least five years. Always choose a matchmaker with years of experience rather than a certificate or “training”. The matchmaking industry does not have any sort of required training program or certificate, so you will have to rely on number of years in business and reviews and testimonials. 

How many clients do you have? What kind of clients do you work with?

Always ask how many clients they have, but keep in mind that a large client database is not always a good thing. Quality is more important than quantity, and many higher-end matchmakers only accept a very limited amount of clients per year to dedicate the time and resources to their search. Furthermore, many matchmakers will find your match outside of their personal database. They may perform a digital search, attend events, or use a network of other matchmakers. A better question may be what kind of clients they work with. Are they educated? Are they fit and healthy? Do they have a passion for life? Are they on a good career path? An intuitive and experienced matchmaker will start to get ideas for matches while interviewing you, and while member information is completely confidential, they may be able to share with you some basic information about these possible matches.

What is the male to female ratio? What are your most common age categories?

This is an important question, however, remember there are two different business models in the matchmaking industry. As discussed in Chapter 2, some matchmakers only work with a few male clients per year with a very large database of women, while other matchmakers accept an equal number of men and women. However, ideally, male-to-female ratio should stay close to 50/50 and your preferred age range should comprise of at least 25% of the client-base. 

Do you offer an on-hold feature?

Always, always choose a matchmaker that allows members to put their membership "on hold”. This means that when you meet someone you'd like to date exclusively, you can freeze your membership while exploring a relationship with that person. For example, Ambiance Matchmaking allows its members to freeze their account for as many times as possible (and for any reason) during the duration of their membership without losing time or matches.This is especially an important feature for singles who travel frequently.

How often will I have matches, and is there a feedback process?

Ideally, you should be receiving 1-2 quality matches per month. A quality match is someone that falls within the search parameters discussed during your interview. Furthermore, there should be a system in place where you can call or email with your feedback after each match in order to improve the matching process.

Do you personally interview all clients?

Make sure your matchmaker interviews all clients, either in-person or via Skype or Facetime. This is to ensure that all clients are really who they say they are, and that your matchmaker really knows each and every one of its members in order to match effectively.