Chapter 5: What To Expect After Hiring Your Matchmaker

Congratulations, you’ve chosen a matchmaker and you’re on the road to finding love! Or are you?

Let’s be real here. Nobody can promise love or marriage (if your matchmaker did, run the other direction). Good matchmakers do their best to know you, to know what kind of person will compliment your personality and lifestyle, to listen to you, to offer ground advice, and to support you in your goals.

It’s called a matchmaking process for a reason. It really is a process, and singles who are patient, open, and optimistic have the highest success rate in the matchmaking process.

Be patient. Dedicate the length of the membership to learn more about yourself, what you need in a partner, and attracting that right person into your life when you finally do meet him or her.

Be open to possibilities. Throw out your checklist that requires your match to be 6 foot tall with golden, brown eyes. Your ideal partner may only be 5”11 with hazel eyes.

Be optimistic. People who are the most open-minded and optimistic have the highest success rate. This follows the law of attraction; you attract what you think, say, and feel. If you believe you will meet the right one, you have already increased your odds.

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