Week 2
Removing barriers: choosing vs deciding

In the last exercise, you became aware of the influence of your interpretations of previous life experiences. It should now be apparent that these interpretations have impacted how you view yourself, your circumstances, and your relationships with others. They have shaped your environment. They have set the context from which you live your daily life.

Once this realization is achieved, you can begin to notice the process by which context governs our daily lives. The next step is to become aware that we have the power to CHOOSE who we are, separate from these contexts.

One common viewpoint is that we, as humans, have to make decisions based on existing options. We believe that certain circumstances have produced certain outcomes and that we have to react to these outcomes. However, we shouldn’t have to make decisions based on existing options. We shouldn’t have to only react. We should have the ability to create our own options. Therefore, choice should be viewed as the ability to create your own outcome, not merely react, or select among, existing options.

You have the choice of how you view things and how you take action. You choose who you are and who want to be. You are the author of your life in all situations. 



Q: Do you possess a life goal that seems out of reach?
Q: What past experiences have led you to believe that your goal is unattainable?

Incorporate the following exercise into your daily life:
Anytime a negative thought arises, become aware that you are experiencing a negative thought and STOP the thought process. Then reroute your thought to a positive one.