Leslie Wardman, Matchmaker & Consultant

Leslie Wardman, Matchmaker & Consultant

Leslie Wardman is now offering consulting to aspiring Matchmakers. With 17 years in the business, she can share knowledge and wisdom that only comes with decades of experience.

How does it work?

Leslie accepts only a limited number of clients at one time to ensure she can devote the appropriate time and energy into the process. Consulting sessions are 1 hour weekly Skype calls lasting 5 weeks. The following topics are discussed over your 5-week plan:

1.Branding Your Company

There are three principle business models in the matchmaking industry. Learn which model fits the vision you have for your company and your life, and how to communicate this to your audience.

2. How To Find Your Clients

There are multiple resources for finding your first clients, and multiple tactics for on-boarding and matching. We will make a plan for how to achieve a good starting base for your singles network.

3. The Intake Process

Learn how to screen your clients before calling them in for an in-depth interview. We also discuss best methods for interviewing, what to ask, how to connect with your client, and which platforms to use to handle client information.

4. The Matchmaking Process

Matchmaking takes intuition. This phase of the consulting session goes deeper than tactics, charts, and business plans. We go deep inside to find our inner intuition, how to read people’s energy, and how to use this information to make the match.

5. The Feedback Process

After your client goes on a date, there must be a feedback period where you take the time to listen and evaluate the details of the match with your client. We discuss what questions to ask, and how to apply this new information to improving the next match.

Please contact us to arrange a 10-minute information call to see if consulting is right for you.