Exclusive Membership

Exclusive Memberships are intended for individuals who are founders, entrepreneurs, business owners, or individuals who have risen to the top of their area of expertise. We only accept twelve Exclusive Members per year due to the time devoted to these intensive searches. 


Exclusive Membership Details

  • Interview with Leslie Wardman prior to being accepted.
  • Work directly with Leslie throughout the entire matchmaking process.
  • Receive twelve matches in an eighteen-month period, including eighteen months of account freezing.
  • Choose from three geographic search options, including local, national, or international.


Exclusive Membership Match Search Strategy

  • Private Matchmaking Network: Ambiance has carefully selected 79 members to join our private matchmaking network that we have built over the last 16 years. These industry specialists have been selected by Ambiance via a private invitation for maximizing searches.
  • Social Events & Galas: Leslie attends private events and galas to network and search for specific members. The event depends on our client’s search parameters. 
  • Executive Recruiters: Ambiance hires recruiters to scout quality singles. These recruiters are spokespeople for our company, and when they meet singles who may be a good fit for our services, an interview is scheduled for Leslie to meet them. 
  • Digital Search Expert: Ambiance’s digital search expert employs current technologies for searching high quality singles.


Exclusive Membership Qualifications

Exclusive Memberships are intended to be available to individuals who hold the top position of a qualifying company or division and are directly responsible for all operations of the business or division. Titles representing this position may include President, Chairman of the Board, CEO, Managing Director, or Managing Partner, or...

  • be the founder, co-founder, owner or co-owner of his or her business
  • generate at least $1 million in annual revenue, or…
  • have at least $1 million in financing, or…
  • have successfully sold a business in the last 3 years