Want To Learn About The Matchmaking Industry?

The matchmaking industry has seen more growth than almost any other industry in recent years. Online dating has ballooned into a $2.1 billion industry, only increasing the interest in offline services, as digital daters get burnt out and seek the help of professional matchmakers. Now you have the opportunity to work directly with our Matchmaker to learn what it takes to run a successful matchmaking company.


Want To Learn How To Run A Business?

Ambiance Matchmaking is a professional matchmaking firm for single, busy professionals. Our company has been in business for fourteen years and has grown to include three successful office locations. The Chicago Tribune recently featured us in their article, Matchmakers Find Modern Fans In The Digital Age.

As a smaller company, there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for growth for the right person. We strive to be a cutting-edge firm and welcome creativity and innovation. We want our employees to feel like they have just as much input in our company as anyone else!


We are currently seeking A PART-TIME INTERN who resides in the Chicago area. Some perks include:

--Opportunity to grow within company
--Fun and inspirational work environment
--Tons of potential for commission earnings


You will have the opportunity to be involved in all areas of the business. An amazing learning experience. SPECIFIC TASKS INCLUDE:

--Work directly with Matchmaker in matching clientele
--Manage high-profile client memberships
--Special searches for high-profile clientele
--Handle reservations with our partnered restaurants
--Opportunity to earn commission on sales by interviewing potential clients
--Manage and update CRM software


We believe the right person for this job would have the following personal qualities:

--Personable: love speaking with people and growing relationships
--Organized and detail-oriented: will have to keep notes of everything in a CRM software
--Motivated/driven: we believe having the right motivated individuals in our company will spur positive energy and innovation


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