Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Our Company Different?
We have been in business for longer than most matchmaking companies (fifteen years to be exact), which gives us the advantage of having a larger client database, and also gives us the advantage of being selective, which means our client database is very high quality. We are also a full-service matchmaking company, meaning we work with you every step of the way to ensure you reach your dating and relationships goals. You will work directly with a Matchmaker, Coordinator, and Dating Coach, and every match will be arranged at one of our partner restaurants to ensure you have the best first date (and dining!) experience.

How Many Clients Do You Have?

What Is Your Most Popular Age Category?
36-49 years old, however, we have plenty of clients in the 30-35 and 50-59 categories.

Do You Have More Men Or Women?
We have 47% men and 53% women.

Do Men And Women Pay The Same Fee?

How Many People Have You Successfully Matched?
Over 10,000.

How Many People Have You Gotten Married?
In the fifteen years we have been in business, we have received hundreds of wedding invitations. We wish we could attend them all!

How do you screen clients?
Because most of our clients come as word of mouth, there is already a built-in reference system. However, we perform an in-depth interview with each new member.

How Do You Find Your Clients?
Most of our clients come as referrals and word-of-mouth. When special searches are requested, we will employ other methods, including our private matchmaking network we have built over the last fifteen years, the attendance of events and galas to search for high-quality singles, and performing digital searches.

Do You Interview Everyone?

What Is Your Client Privacy Policy?
We do not share ANY information. Everything is strictly confidential.

How Do You Decipher A Good Match?
Our matchmaker carefully matches people based on their upbringing and background, current life circumstances, lifestyle, energy, and how they would look together.

What If I Meet "The One" On My First Match?
Consider it money well spent!

Do You Work With Gay Clients?

Do You Guarantee Love Or Marriage?
No, but we do assure that your matches will align with the information you provide in your interview.

Do You Offer Date Coaching?

Where do you match people?
The majority of our clients are in the United States, however, we also work on international levels.

Do You Require All Clients To Have A College Degree?
No. Some of our most successful clients don't have their degrees.

Do You Show Photographs?
Only to Select and National Members. 

How Long Have You Been Matchmaking?
15 years with over 30,000 interviews.

How Did You Start Matchmaking?
Leslie began working as the National Director for a world-renowned matchmaking agency in the 1990s. After many years of experience, she decided to launch Ambiance Matchmaking in 2002.

How Many Employees Do You Have?

What If I Move?
We will still work with you!

Can I Transfer My Membership?
Only Select Members can transfer their memberships upon approval of recipient.

Do You Ever Recruit Outside Of Your Database?
Yes, we have a matchmaking networking system in place which allows us to work with other matchmakers and their clients.