Ambiance Matchmaking is an elite matchmaking service with a global network of quality singles.

This year marks the 17th anniversary of Ambiance Matchmaking. We have evolved and expanded in many ways, but we are proud to have stayed true to our founding core value – to create a highly personal, hands-on matchmaking experience.

In order to stay true to this core value, we only accept a limited number of members per year. We focus on quality, not quantity. In 2018, we had a 27% acceptance rate.This is to ensure that we have the time and resources available to maximize the success of each clients search, and provide that highly personal, hands-on matchmaking experience that we are dedicated to.

While we limit our number of annual members, we expand our geographic reach. We now have locations in three countries and 11 cities. Our goal is to connect like-minded singles no matter their postal code. Our network combined with today’s technology makes that possible.

We work on local, national, and international levels, with a primary focus on specific regions, including the United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Within these regions, our matchmakers put more time and energy into building networks of high-quality singles. We have very strong singles networks in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, among others.

We cater to highly accomplished singles, including CEOs, executives, founders, entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, and industry leaders varying in age, ethnicity, career paths and life passions. Our clients have done a majority of the groundwork to be ready for a committed relationship… they lead a healthy lifestyle, they are passionate about their careers, yet they’re only missing someone with whom to share the life they’ve built. They are accomplished and highly educated, with 99% having college degrees and 70% having advanced degrees. We are very proud of our members!

Year after year, Ambiance Matchmaking has been recognized as one of the top matchmaking agencies in the industry, earning editorials in major publications, including the Chicago Tribune.

As one of the most established companies in the industry, Ambiance Matchmaking also assists singles in choosing a matchmaking service. Learn how to choose your matchmaker, or contact us directly. We are always here to help.


Ambiance members come from word-of-mouth first and foremost. We believe a happy client is the best form of advertising.

Ambiance Matchmaking is absolutely one of the best investments that I have ever made in my life! Leslie and her team of matchmaking professionals have taken the uncertainty and guess work out of this personal journey, and made it easy and enjoyable for me.
— Marla
Leslie always impressed me with her professionalism and optimism, not just toward and for me, but for everyone I heard her discussing her business with... and from other satisfied clients.
— Rob
The awkwardness is almost completely eliminated because everything is set up for you. Usually numbers are exchanged but Ambiance will contact you first to see if you are interested in pursuing the match. It is a safe and fun way to meet interesting people.
— Pam

Our clients have done the groundwork to be ready for a committed relationship… they lead a healthy lifestyle, they are passionate in their careers, yet they’re only missing someone with whom to share the life they’ve built.


Year after year, Ambiance is recognized as a top matchmaking agency in the industry, earning editorials in major publications.


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