Michelle Martin has been involved with the company as a blogger and educator since 2014. She is also an Assistant Professor as California State University and DePaul University. In her academic life she researches and writes about post-conflict dynamics in Africa, and a range of other social problems. In her more personal prose she writes about single parenting, empty-nesting, online dating, and living an authentic life in an often inauthentic world. She strives to find meaning (and humor) in just about everything. Michelle has written three books, and is a blogger for Huffington Post. 

Michelle has a PhD in Peace Studies, a master's in global policy, and an MSW, and has spent most of her career working with individuals and families dealing with a range of issues, both at home and abroad. She has traveled around the globe in an attempt to better understand humankind, but has only ended up with more questions. Mostly, she is passionate about connecting on a deeper level with all types of people, with the hope of contributing to finding peaceful solutions to all of the conflict in the world.

Michelle now applies her wisdom and skills to assisting our clients in their search for a meaningful relationship. She resides in Laguna Beach, CA.