National Membership

National Memberships vary in length, including six or twelve months. Members are matched a minimum of once to twice per month. 

Memberships may be frozen allowing members to go on hold with their match without losing any time on their membership. This allows our members to explore the possibility of a relationship.

Our National Memberships include searches on a national level. Since 2002, Ambiance Matchmaking has built a high-quality network of singles throughout the country (and the world). As one of the leading companies in the industry, we also have our own private matchmaking network in which we are able to find high-quality singles for our clients.

Though we work nationally and internationally, we have a primary focus on specific regions. Within these areas, our matchmakers put more time and energy into building networks of high-quality singles. These include California (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego), Illinois (Chicago, Chicago Suburbs, and surrounding areas), and Oklahoma (Tulsa and Oklahoma City).

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