Introducing Ambiance Matchmaking Dating Consultants

By Taylor Wade
Writer for Ambiance Matchmaking 

Have you met our Dating Consultants yet?

If not, you're in for a treat because they each have quite the resume!

Keep reading to learn more about who they are and what they do here at Ambiance Matchmaking.


Benjamin Ritter


Ben founded two companies, wrote two books, created a health supplement, alongside hosting his own podcast and events, and helping our members reach their full potential in love, life, and happiness. When does this guy sleep?!

His two companies, Simplify Health Inc. and LIVE for yourself (LFY) Consulting, focuses on helping individuals find sustainable happiness (emphasis on sustainable). LFY Consulting bases its work on research and strategies from behavioral and social psychology, learning theory, and leadership development. LFY also hosts events focused on cultivating community through conversation, stories, and inspiring ideas. 

One of his books, The Live for Yourself journal, is a guide to help you achieve fulfillment through cultivating alignment in four key areas: life, intentions, values, and expectations. His other book, The Essentials, provides quick answers for men whom want to improve their success with women but with an underlying focus on overall development. 

Lastly, he created The Breakup Supplement to help counteract the negative emotions that are associated with a breakup through simple, natural, and healthy means.

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Hunt Ethridge


To say that Hunt is an expert in his field is an understatement. He has over a decade of grade A experience in the dating and relationship industry, and was named the #1 Male Dating Expert in the country at the 2016 US Dating Awards. His coaching style focuses on confidence building, leadership, image, style, conversation skills, reconnecting with fun and more.

Oh yeah, he also founded three companies, including the International Dating Coach Association which serves to educate and certify dating coaches and has members all across the globe. 

He's a prolific writer, producing hundreds of dating advice articles across the web.

Last, but definitely not least, he's been featured on some of the biggest media outlets in the world, including CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, Vanity Fair, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The New York Post, and Maxim, just to name a few!

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Chad Johnson


Chad has an extensive background in human relations and psychology. He is a professor of human relations and a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Oklahoma. He has published numerous scholarly articles as the lead author for the Praeger Handbook of Social Justice and Psychology.

On top of that, Chad is also a licensed psychologist with over a decade of experience and a deep focus on dating, relationships, love, and finding personal meaning. His approach to relationship coaching consists of helping clients meet their personal goals through imaginatively exploring their lives and concerns more deeply in the context of a supportive and collaborative relationship. 

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