Our 2016 Year In Review

We are so excited to say we have been in business for fifteen years! What a ride it has been. Our goal from the very beginning was to expand our services to singles across the United States and Canada. We wanted to grow and develop our locations very slowly and carefully in order to provide the best service possible.

We feel proud to say we have officially accomplished this, with offices firmly developed in the United States and Canada. We couldn't have achieved this feat without the help of our amazing members and staff. We would like to give a big thank you to the following people...


Ambiance Client Coordinator

Janet Jackson joined Ambiance Matchmaking in 2016 as our Client Coordinator. She is our rock when it comes to taking care of our members. She coordinates all matches, handles the reservations at our partner restaurants, and receives feedback from each and every one of our members to ensure they had a positive experience. Thank you, Janet!


Ambiance Executive Recruiters

Ambiance Matchmaking began working with Executive Recruiters across the country in 2016. We employ these amazing individuals to help assist us in finding high-quality singles for our database. Their natural talent for networking has helped us achieve success in finding matches for many of our members. Apply here to become an Ambiance Matchmaking Executive Recruiter.


Ambiance Partner Restaurants

Ambiance Matchmaking partners with restaurants to ensure our members have the best first date experience possible, while enjoying some of the best cuisine (or cocktails!) in the city. We wouldn't be able to achieve this without the help of our partner restaurants and their talented staff. They always go a step above to make Ambiance members feel at home.


Ambiance Researcher

Taylor Wade has been with Ambiance Matchmaking since its founding in 2002. She finds the latest research findings in dating, love, and relationships and brings it straight to our Ambiance audience through our dating blog. Through her writing, you can learn how to navigate your dating life, improve your relationship, or seek self-awareness in order to attract the perfect partner. Taylor also writes our City Date Guides in order to provide our audience with the best restaurants and bars for planning the perfect date night.