Ambiance Matchmaking Featured As One Of The Most Inspiring Independent Businesses

Ambiance Matchmaking was recently contacted by VoyageHouston, a LA-based magazine, to be featured in their series, Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs and Independent Businesses.  Of course, we gladly accepted! 

In this interview, Leslie Wardman gives an honest description of what it's like to not only build your own company, but to build a company focused on helping people make one of the most important decisions  – finding a life partner.

The key to running a successful business? "Surrounding yourself with key partners that strengthen your weaknesses is so important. Our company manager of fifteen years keeps everything on track and for that, I am very grateful," Leslie says. 

One of her biggest struggles has been to realize that you can’t make everyone happy no matter how hard you try. "I’ve worked through it and now don’t take it quite as personally," she says.

What does the future of matchmaking look like? "We’re all becoming more sophisticated and savvy when making decisions. I don’t believe matchmaking is going anywhere. Western culture has been slow to embrace it and now it is here to stay in a big way. I believe the generations to come may consider it to be a natural part of life."

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