Ambiance Matchmaking Featured in Oklahoma City's 405 Magazine

By Taylor Wade
Writer for Ambiance Matchmaking

Christine Eddington, a writer from Oklahoma City's 405 Magazine, recently contacted Ambiance Matchmaking to talk about modern dating. More specifically, how the ancient dating method of matchmaking is making a comeback.

One of the most common questions we are asked about our company: How do we actually make a match?

“I start with the basic skeleton, like, ‘Does this person fit this person’s age requirement?’ Then I start matching other elements. Where a person is in their career is very important. Balance is huge. I look for humility and good energy in people. People can go through phases of ego, and ego can get in the way.”

What separates a successful from an unsuccessful dater?

“A happy dater, someone who is going to be a successful dater, is someone who has their ducks in a row. That person is mentally and physically healthy, knows himself or herself, and is generally a happy person. He or she has done the work to become self-aware and open,” Wardman says. On the flip side, an unsuccessful dater is someone who has not taken the time to work out his or her issues, and is generally prone to negativity.

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