New Launch: Los Angeles City Date Guide

By Taylor Wade
Writer for Ambiance Matchmaking

Ambiance Matchmaking recently launched its Los Angeles Date Guide. Los Angeles will be the company’s sixth location to have a complete dating guide, and the third location in California (alongside San Francisco and Orange County).

As Ambiance Matchmaking’s Creative Director and Writer, I gladly took on the project of spearheading the Ambiance Matchmaking City Date Guides. This has given me the opportunity to travel to each location, scouting the best restaurants and bars included in the guides. Venues need to have good energy; lively but not too loud or rowdy. And, of course, the food and drink menu must be top notch.

Choosing the right venue for your date night is just as important as the date itself. Imagine being so excited to finally meet your date, and you go to a loud sports bar, and you can’t hear a thing. It’s not the end of the world to change locations, but it starts the date on a bad note.

The Los Angeles Date Guide is updated frequently, with new venues constantly being added. To stay in the loop, subscribe to the newsletter and follow the Facebook page.