Oklahoma City's Best Rooftop Date Spots 2018

By Taylor Wade
Writer for Ambiance Matchmaking


Choosing the perfect date spot can be an overwhelming task, especially when you are trying to make a good first impression. We're here to help! The dating experts at Ambiance Matchmaking have carefully selected Oklahoma City's best rooftop date spots for for your date night. Rooftops grace Oklahoma City's most notable eateries and offer 360 degree views of the city. These charming spaces bolster your appreciation for this city, and the one with whom you share the experience. In other words, rooftops are damn romantic. Plan your next date with this carefully crafted list.



When you walk into Guyutes, it reads bar. The low-lit dining room is bound by cinder-block walls adorned with Phish posters and populated by tabletops depicting classic record-album covers and rock artists including the Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. The bar and a cage full of booze are the two most prominent fixtures. The rooftop bar has a long, ample bar — the kind you might find in downtown Austin, Texas. The whole place exuberates an offbeat, quirky vibe you might not find too many other places in Oklahoma. The "Phishhead" Chefs implement a lot of tastes, colors, and Phish references onto the menu, including the Catphish Wontons, which are filled with poached catfish and cream cheese with a sweet chili oil. 
Address: 730 NW 23rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Website: http://www.guyutes.com/



We love this place! Packard's is located in the historic Packard Building, which was restored from the original Packard car dealership. This restaurant features locally-sourced American cuisine with home-made breads and pastas. The atmosphere is illuminated with lots of natural light and a clean, modern decor. The rooftop is where the magic really comes alive with italian lights draping above the crowd and the Oklahoma City skyline in the background. 
Address: 201 Northwest 10th St
Website: http://packardsokc.com/



Bosa Nova is the rooftop bar atop the Cafe Do Brasil restaurant located in Oklahoma City's Midtown. The atmosphere gleams romance and the Brazilian cocktails couldn't be tastier. Check out their website to get updates on wine tastings and live music! 
Address: 440 Northwest 11th St
Website: http://www.cafedobrazilokc.com/



O Bar is an upscale, swanky rooftop bar located in the boutique Ambassador Hotel. It attracts an older, formal crowd and the cocktails cost a pretty penny. However, it may be worth it to grab one drink and take in one of the best views of downtown Oklahoma City, then head to a spot where you can let your hair down.
Address: 1200 North Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Website: http://www.obarokc.com/



Art After 5 on Thursdays from 5-9pm is the best time to visit the Oklahoma City Museum Of Art. Grab your friends or invite your date to take in wonderful views of the city, sip cocktails, and listen (or dance!) to live music. $5 admission to the art galleries and access to their rooftop. In the handful of times I attended, the rooftop becomes packed by the end of the night, so you should anticipate a festive atmosphere.
Address: 415 Couch Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Website: http://www.okcmoa.com/



Expect to be greeted by the gatekeeper downstairs, ride the elevator to the 49th floor, then step out into a gorgeous restaurant with an amazing view. Located inside the Devon Tower, Vast is an upscale, swanky bar known first and foremost for having the best views in the city.
Address: 333 W Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Website: http://vastokc.com/



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