We work with highly accomplished singles on local, national, and international levels, with a primary focus on specific regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. Within these regions, our matchmakers put more time and energy into building networks of high-quality singles.

Memberships last for twelve months, with a minimum of 1-2 matches per month. We strongly encourage members to dedicate twelve months to finding their significant other, as this allows sufficient time to truly explore and uncover the type of person with whom you should spend your life, and for us to work together in finding that person. Some may accomplish their relationship and marriage goals much sooner.

You have the option to freeze, or put your account "on hold." This allows you to explore the possibility of a relationship, for example, without losing any time on your membership. You may freeze your account for any reason, and as many times as you'd like during your membership.


We have three membership options:

1. Our Local Membership includes local searches, and are intended for singles who wish to find their significant other in their city, state, or region.

2. Our National Membership includes national searches within the United States.

3. Our International Membership includes international searches, and are intended for singles who do not wish to have a geographical limit on finding their significant other.

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