Chicago Tribune

Wardman is featured in the Chicago Tribune. Wardman and her client shares what it takes to find success in matchmaking. 


Wardman is featured on KFOR-TV news. A married couple meets through Ambiance and shares their success story.

ABC News

Leslie Wardman is featured on Channel 8 ABC news. Wardman explains our process and benefits of using a matchmaker. 

ABC News

Wardman is featured on Channel 8 ABC news for the second time! This time she briefly speaks on the topic of baby boomer dating. 



Ambiance Matchmaking™ Gives Single Professionals Access to Dating Possibilities Across the Country, July 2018

"Matchmaker Leslie Wardman has over 20 years of experience working with singles. The company has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Oklahoma City, and other major cities in the US."


Making The Match,  February 2018

“A happy dater, someone who is going to be a successful dater, is someone who has their ducks in a row. That person is mentally and physically healthy, knows himself or herself, and is generally a happy person. He or she has done the work to become self-aware and open,” Wardman says.


Matchmakers find modern fans in the digital age, October 2014

In this interview with the Chicago Tribune and Chicago RedEye, Leslie Wardman and client shares what it takes to find success in matchmaking. "Wardman said the company is picky about who it accepts, and is particularly strict about education."


Five Questions: Leslie Wardman, February 2014

Wardman explains what makes two people a good match, and the difference between using an online dating site and a high-end matchmaking firm. "The better you know yourself, the better you will be able to love yourself and open up the possibility of loving someone else."



Tulsa World

Find Your Valentine With Expert Tips, February 2014

Leslie Wardman tells readers best methods for meeting like-minded singles in this Weekend Edition of Tulsa World. Wardman explains how using a professional matchmaking service eliminates the "hit and miss" and increases your chances for finding love.

The Oklahoman

The Dating Game: Singles in their 50s, 60s face challenges, December 2013

Ambiance Matchmaking in Oklahoma City and Tulsa offers boomers, and professionals of all ages, an alternative to Internet dating. “My favorite part is you'll have a lot in common,” she said. “We cut through the hit and miss.”

Slice Magazine

The Matchmaker's Seduction, February 2013

In this exclusive interview with Slice Magazine, Leslie Wardman goes through the in's and out's of the matchmaking process. "Energy level and where they are in life's journey- not dating at all, just been dumped, kids, etc- all make for more likely magic."

The Current

The Tremendous Trio- Love, Dating & The Beatles, December 2009

Wardman gives readers advice on maintaining a healthy relationship. "Fear is the opposite of love and will destroy its possibilities. I get calls from clients who seem to be sabotaging their perfectly fine relationships due to some deep-rooted fear.