Week 3
Breaking unproductive patterns: realizing your way of being

It’s human tendency to focus on the negative while only allowing short bursts of content over the positive. After we experience our content over a positive life event, we immediately move on to the next goal or event. However, when a negative event takes place, we dwell over it. As a human race, we have gotten so good on dwelling on the negative that it’s easy to think something is wrong even when there isn’t.

This is an unproductive way of being that includes a complaint that something shouldn’t be the way it is.

By recognizing this pattern, we have the CHOICE to interrupt the cycle and reroute our thoughts and actions to achieve new levels of happiness and fulfillment in areas that are most important to us. Our mind is the most important tool to leading the life we want.

Neuroscientists have researched the brain and it’s amazing capability to actively re-wire itself. The brain can actually change as a result of our thoughts. One single thought can alter neuronal connections in a way so substantial, it has been known to treat mental illness or increase a person's capacity for feeling empathy or compassion.

When you realize that everything is just a product of your thoughts and perceptions, then comes the realization that you can create anything. You can actively re-wire your own brain to achieve new levels of contentment. 



Q: What are your unproductive ways of being? Again, unproductive ways of being include a complaint that something shouldn’t be the way it is.

Q: What is it costing you? For example, is it keeping you from achieving happiness and fulfillment? Is it holding you back from achieving a life goal?