Week 4
Breaking unproductive patterns: rethinking possibility

Possibility, as we understand it, means being something that has the potential to occur, meaning something that may or may not occur. When we think of what we would like to achieve in our lives, it is human tendency to think of it as a possibility. However, in this exercise we learn to alter this perception of what possibility means.

Possibility has the power to shift our state of being. It has the power to shape our thoughts, beliefs, and actions to create the life we want right now, not someday in the future. When we set goals for ourselves, we think of them as a possible, future achievement. These goals are not apart of our lives yet. We still have to take steps toward achieving that goal. If your goal is to write a book, you may view it as something that has the possibility of happening in the future. You would need to write the first word, the first paragraph, the first page, and so on, until you complete the book. Taking that very first step is one of the hardest parts. Forming the habit is even tougher. However, you can use your words and perception to call into existence what already is.

This new belief opens up a whole new world of possibilities. We are now filled with the inspiration and power to create the lives we want for ourselves right now. We will go further in-depth on this topic in our next (and most powerful) lesson, Transformation through Language. 



Review the last four weeks of our learning series:

(a) Practice being aware of your thoughts and how they influence the way you view yourself, situations, and other people.

(b) When a negative thought arises, stop the thought process, and reroute to a positive thought.

(c) When you experience a positive event, take time to congratulate yourself. When experiencing a negative event, learn from it, and move on. No dwelling.

(d) Get ready for week #5- transforming your life. This is the most important week of the “Finding Love” series.