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Ambiance Matchmaking | Yelp

Sweet T.
Tulsa, United States
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3 reviews


The people at Ambiance are professional, thorough, and simply good at what they do.  Leslie returned my calls promptly and took time to find out about me and what I was looking for, explain their services and answer all my questions. Janet  helped me through the process of signing up and completing my profile. I am contacted weekly with a new profile to review and set up for a meeting with the lucky lad if I wish. Afterwards, they ask for feedback to help with the next match. The restaurants they use are top notch with nice atmospheres. I would recommend Ambiance to my friends.


Chad J.
Tulsa, United States
4 friends
6 reviews

I highly recommend Ambiance Matchmaking for single professionals. Leslie and her staff work hard to find eligible and quality singles to match. I found them responsive, attentive, and dedicated to helping you meet someone special. You get personalized service and consideration and avoid the unwanted attention and tiresome interaction found on most dating sites or apps. I can honestly say every person I've met through Ambiance has been delightful. They are highly educated, successful, well-balanced, attractive, kind, and overall quality people. If you want a more personalized service and meet with more high quality, professional people, consider Ambiance Matchmaking.


Marla S.
San Antonio, United States
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Ambiance Matchmaking is absolutely one of the best investments that I have ever made in my life! 
* Leslie and her Team of Matchmaking Professionals have taken the uncertainty and guess work out of this personal journey, and made it easy and enjoyable for me.. 
* The Ambiance Matching Team has offered an outstanding attention to detail, PLUS a valued commitment to each of their members, so to provide us with the best experience with their QUALITY introductions and expertise in their matchmaking abilities. 
* I have personally endorsed and recommended Ambiance Matchmaking services to my single friends - because it just makes good sense to let the BEST (Ambiance) do what they do BEST (Matchmaking)...


Rob R.
Lumberton, United States
42 friends
3 reviews

Leslie has a great feel for who "fits" with whom. As a 50(ish) year old dater who is busy and inclined to let these kind of personal things slide, its good to have her pushing me along! I presume she is doing so with the potential "datees" too. On-line dating can be quite a chore ... this is so much easier!!! (Highly recommend!)


Liz R.
Chicago, United States
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2 reviews

The Ambiance team has consistently exceeded my expectations. They believe not only that they can find a match, but will... The team is focused in their search and haven't wasted my time, which I really appreciate, 
 Leslie has been a matchmaker for over ten years. She is professional but very personal. She has made my experience a truly unique one and I look forward to working with Leslie in finding my significant other.


Bruce D.
Fort Worth, United States
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Ambiance Matchmaking is an incredible service for me and I am sure there are many other people just like me out here looking for someone to become an important and special part of their life.  I believe I know a lot about what it takes to make a great relationship. My problem is I just don't have the time to spend on all the dating sites. I have tried them and I am very disappointed in them for several reasons. First, a large number of people of the sites don't know what makes a great relationship. Then there are those who are just looking for someone to take them to dinner. Then, of course, there are those who don't reveal who they really are on their profile pages. The pictures aren't current, they say they are serious when they really aren't, and, About Average", means they are several pounds overweight and a "Few Extra Pounds" means obese. Sifting through all the profiles is extremely time consuming and receiving messages and enquiries is frustrating. 

My time is most valuable to me. I own my own business and just don't want to spend it hitting the DELETE key to rid myself of inquiries from people who evidently didn't read mine. Otherwise they would know they are not the type of person I am looking for. I spent several days writing a profile for several sites and I caught myself thing, "Why did I waste my time?" After a year and a half I became fed up and just canceled my profiles. I was through spending my time. I was tired of receiving, "Canned" flirts, pre-written comments like, "I like your profile" or "Please contact me". A relationship takes work and time. Most people on these sites I tried didn't really know what they wanted and many weren't even willing to write a good profile.
So, why did I choose Ambiance?  There were several reasons.

A large portion of my work is research analysis. Believe me I did my research before choosing Ambiance. My reasons for selecting Ambiance correspond directly with the reasons dating sites just weren't fulfilling my needs as a person desiring a good and healthy relationship with someone of like mind.

One of the first things I did was to meet the owner of Ambiance, Leslie Wardman. I wanted to know why she started the company, what her goals were, where her heart as it related to the company was and was she sincere in her desires to help others find happiness through a new and long relationship. I must say Leslie impressed me. She is knowledgeable, hardworking, continues to educate herself about what makes good relationships and really does care about the clients of Ambiance. 

I also have been impressed with the staff of Ambiance. It was obvious to me Leslie has instilled in the people who work there the goals of making good decisions in their process of bringing two lives together. They are professional, courteous and enjoy their work.

Saving me time was a huge factor in my decision to allow Ambiance into my life. Leslie and her staff know my goals, my lifestyle, my interests and I don't get calls which would end up a waste of time. I am able to continue with my work, hobbies and interests knowing I am no longer spending my time on sites which have been such a disappointment and only want my monthly fee. When I think of all the money I spent monthly on several sites hoping to find someone I almost become angry with myself for doing so. When I compare what I have spent with Ambiance to the value of my time I it was a no-brainer. 

I also considered the fact the people using Ambiance have invested their time and money just like I have. They are committed to finding a real relationship and trust Leslie and her staff to be treated just like they would want to be treated.

In closing this review I will continue to utilize the services of Ambiance in my search for another, "Love of my life". I was blessed to have a great marriage of 25 years and lost my first love when she lost her life. I know relationships that work are hard to find and I will be patient and trust Ambiance to help me find another. I am happy and blessed. I believe we must all be happy with who we are and it is then we will be ready to find that special someone.



Pam S.
Palm Springs, United States
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1 review


I always look forward to and have enjoyed my dates. Even if we never make it passed the first meeting, I have always enjoyed the company. The awkwardness is almost completely eliminated because everything is set up for you. Usually numbers are exchanged but Ambiance will contact you first to see if you are interested in pursuing the match.  It is a safe and fun way to meet interesting people.


Kevin M.
San Francisco, United States
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Very very professional and easy to work with staff helps coordinate really fun and exciting meetings at great restaurants and venues.


Blue House Media J.
Tulsa, United States
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Leslie Wardman is a talented professional in the lost art of old fashioned matchmaking!


Rob R.
Lumberton, United States
42 friends
3 reviews

Leslie always impressed me with her professionalism and optimism, not just toward and for me, but for everyone I heard her discussing her business with... and from other satisfied clients.
I give her 5 stars DESPITE not having found my significant other (yet). I presume those happy couples she introduced that have "tied the knot" would be expected to give her 5 stars or face an unhappy welcome upon arriving home! 
Therefore, I think MY 5 star rating must count for more, all things considered. 
So let's call it a FIVE with an asterisk. lol. -R


Pamela K.
Tulsa, United States
87 friends
3 reviews

1/21/2016   Updated review
I joined Ambiance Matchmaking after 18 months of being single.  I had came to the conclusion that I was ready to meet quality upper class individuals that I thought would be worth spending the time to meet.   I had previously signed up on a popular online dating site.  Three months on that site proved to be a waste of time.   

I have found my experience on Ambiance Match making to be totally different.  I am meeting interesting people and having great dates.  We meet at classy places and engage in intelligent, fun and most importantly appropriate  conversation.  I would most definitely recommend Ambiance Matchmaking service to anyone looking to meet people and possibly find "The exception"- He's just not that into you.



Anna B.
Oklahoma City, United States
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Leslie and her staff at Ambiance Matchmaking were absolutely amazing to work with. I've used other matchmaking agencies in the past and never met the same type of people that were introduced to me through Ambiance. I found they were on "my level" as far as lifestyle, education, morals, values go... Anyway, I am very grateful to Leslie for introducing me to my guy:)


Ambiance Matchmaking | Google

Francois Lareuse

The matchmakers at Ambiance, arrange all the details for you. You just show up at the restaurant and enjoy your date. If your schedule makes meeting for lunch difficult, we can arrange a drink after work or weekend brunch. We like to create an environment that makes getting to know the other person as comfortable and easy as possible (and fun!).

At the end of the date, you can exchange business cards or phone numbers and make plans to get together again. Following each date, we ask that you contact us with feedback. Feedback is an important part of the matchmaking process. From your comments and overall impression of the person, we’ll fine tune your future matches. The process couldn’t be easier!

Ambiance has proven to be a friendly and reliable service that keeps the in touch with the customer, as we navigate the world of matchmaking together.


Leslie and Taylor and their team at Ambiance are awesome.

They are attentive to every detail and are dedicated to helping people connect
with their soulmates.

Whether it's their articles, newsletters and input , or setting up the meet-ups ( etc ) they are the best ...

My experience has been only positive on every level , have met beautiful people and am looking forward to working with them further on this journey.


Professional staff ... professional approach. Good matchmaking, in my opinion.


Ambiance Matchmaking | Personally Submitted

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Ambiance Matchmaking. I have to confess…I did try one of the other matchmaking companies and it sure made me understand just how much you listened to my needs, got me to open up to new possibilities and have followed through introducing me to amazing people I would have never otherwise met.
— Eileen
I had so much fun! Actually, I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun. You are really into what you do and it shows. When do I get to go out again? :)
— Steven
It’s nice to know that you are working with an organization that really listens and cares. So refreshing.
— Bruce
I had never used a matchmaking service before and I have to say that I felt comfortable right from the start. This has been such a great experience.
— Jeffrey
I have been so impressed with the quality of those I have met through Ambiance. I would recommend your company to anyone who is interested in expanding their circle of personal contacts. You obviously put considerable and thoughtful effort into each meeting, and the results have been very rewarding. I don’t know how anyone could expect any more from a service than you offer. You have exceeded my expectations, and I thank you.
— Tina
I have tried other services and spent a lot more money elsewhere and can’t begin to tell you that Ambiance Matchmaking has the highest caliber of great matches. Thank you!
— Brenda
I had heard that most of Ambiance Matchmaking’s clients come as word-of-mouth and now I know why. Thank you!
— Ann
I sure do appreciate Ambiance Matchmaking for truly caring. I wish I had come here first. I can’t begin to express how the level of matchmaking here is so personalized.
— Maggie