Week 5
Transformation: transformation through language

Thought and language are tools for achieving the life you imagined for yourself. We will learn how thinking patterns and language can be used to access power and transformation.

Note that we do not use the word change, rather we use the word transformation. This is due to the fact that the word change signifies looking into your past to see how you can improve your current circumstance. To effect change, we go to work on altering these circumstances, the people around us, and ourselves. We believe that change yields a different and improved version of our past.

In contrast, transformation signifies that you call into existence what hasn’t been. Transformation is an act of bringing forth or inventing. It is something created. In other words, you design your life based on what is possible rather than what has been. Stop trying to change things in your life. Instead, create the life you want. We will practice this through the power of language.

In order to create the life we want, we have to do work. This part involves doing some hard thinking and soul searching for what makes you feel full of vitality. What makes you feel passionate. What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. Where do you see yourself in five years or ten years.

Create a list of what you imagine your life to be. It could include reaching a health and fitness goal, making a career jump, learning a language, finishing your master’s degree, finding the love of your life. You can create anything you want in this life. Make sure you feel passion and excitement when you think about it.

Once you have done the hard part and figured out what you imagine your life to be, we gain power to achieve this transformation through language.

Language is commonly thought of as an access to the world. In order to connect with the world, we learn language. However, imagine that language is what calls the world into existence. Language can alter circumstances. Language is your new tool to create and achieve your goals.

Our first step is realizing that we are not changing the past and we are not trying to achieve a future goal. We are calling into existence what we want to achieve now, at this very moment. If I were to say, “I’m going to be open and ready to give and receive love," this would imply that someday I will be ready. However, if I say, “I am open and ready to give and receive love," I am saying who I am being now, at this very moment. I call into existence my goal so that it is effective immediately. Watch your thinking patterns and daily habits start to alter to fit your new way of being. 



1. What are you creating for your life? Make a list of what achievements you are creating for your life. Begin each statement with, “I am _____” as to call it into existence now. Make each statement concise, bold, and write it in a way that you feel excitement and passion every time you read it.