You're one step closer to your relationship goals!


We’re so glad you’re being proactive in this very important part of your life! Choosing the right matchmaker is a personal and important decision, and we want you to make an informed decision. Therefore, keep reading to learn more about us!


First off…


We don't promise love or marriage – that’s a tall order! However, we do assure that your match will fall within the perimeters of what is discussed in your interview. This part of the process alone helps you save money, energy, and time otherwise spent on dead-end first dates.


99% of our members have college degrees and another 75% have advanced degrees. They come to us because they are busy working long hours, don’t want to date their clients or colleagues, and are tired of the bar scene (or other tiring and inefficient ways of meeting singles).


That’s where we come in! 


We meet our members to learn more about who they are and the type of person they want in their lives. We discuss an array of topics, including family values, career plans and goals, hobbies, lifestyle, and what kind of future they envision for themselves and their partner. Afterwards, we both can decide if we would work well together! The entire meeting normally lasts 60 minutes.


How does our matchmaking process work?


Nothing is computer generated or photo driven. We use our 15 years of experience and intuition to determine quality matches for our members. We guarantee that your matches will align with what we discuss in your interview. Again, this helps you save time, energy, and money with clearly defined goals and matching parameters. 


How often will you meet your matches?


Our members are matched once to twice per month. Janet Jackson (yes, that’s her real name!), our member coordinator, reaches out to our members with the details, including who they will be meeting (name, occupation, appearance, and why we think it’s a great match!), and where they will be meeting. 


Where do you meet your matches?


We make reservations at one of our partner restaurants to ensure our members have a great first date experience. We have worked with many of them for years, so rest assured, you will be in great hands:) The reservation is listed under both first names (no need to mention Ambiance) and checks are brought separately. All you need to do is show up! 


What happens after your match?


After the match, Janet reaches out to our members to receive feedback and apply it to improving the matchmaking process. We get really excited to hear what you liked about your match and what you’d like us to focus on for your next match. This part of the process is very enlightening for many of our members.


Can you put your membership on hold?


Yes! Members can put their account on hold for as many times as they'd like during the duration of their membership. This is great for our members who travel often. Normally, our members call to tell us they really liked their match, and would like to put their membership on hold so they can spend more time just with that one person. This gives our members a good amount of time to see where it goes and if this is someone with whom they’d like to spend their life. That is what dating is all about!


Is dating advice offered?


Yes! We work with two in-house dating advisors with backgrounds in human relations and psychology with a focus on dating and relationships. If at any point, you’d like to schedule an appointment, we will arrange it for you. You also have the support of the Ambiance Team. We are always here to help and offer an outside perspective;)


What type of memberships are available?


We have a variety of memberships because we know that everyone has their owns needs and wants. However, our memberships are typically based on 6 or 12 months, with options for local, regional, or national searches.


People say working with a matchmaker is a very enlightening experience. You will learn about yourself and the type of person with whom you should be sharing your life!


So, what’s next?  We want to learn more about you! 


You will be sent a link to complete your Ambiance Matchmaking profile shortly. This helps us gain a better understanding of who you are and the type of person you are seeking. This information is completely confidential and is only seen by your matchmaker.


Then what?


Once we receive your profile, we can determine if we have the proper candidates for your matching parameters. If we do, then we schedule your interview! This is when we review your profile together to clearly define your relationship goals and match parameters. Please go ahead and book your interview by following the link below. Our schedule fills up fast, so it's better to get a spot now!


Schedule your interview:


This is going to be a fun and enlightening experience!



Leslie & The Ambiance Team